platform - status

no planed maintenance

Currently there is no maintenance or bigger updates planed.

planed maintenance at 2022-04-22 - 13 to 16 UTC

In order to prepare our platform for further growth, we need to have a planed downtime to switch servers. On 2022-04-22, starting at 13:00 UTC will be offline to switch servers and the database.

3c-tools will not be reachable, so you cannot log in or view statistics. There will be no data lost - everything in that timeframe will be fetched afterwards.

Important! features like bot-assist, signals and the auto-compounder will not work in that timeframe. If you want to be on the safe-side please pause your bots which depend on one of the features.

The downtime is planed for three hours, however, its possible that it might be longer than that.

Updates will be posted in our discord-channel: