faq - frequently asked questions


Because I needed a tool to get better insights and statistics to improve my 3commas bots. During development I realised, that this tool can help many people, so I added the ability to manage multiple users.

Currently this is a side-project for me, which basically helps myself ;)
There are no plans at this time to charge something for it.

Yes, there is the great 3cstats.com, which works by uploading a csv-export of your deals.
However, that tool is limited to the data included in the csv-file. For example, there are no information about bots or deals using leverage. Also I find it cumbersome to always export and import files.

The tool is working read-only over the 3commas-api. The tool never creates a bot, starts a deal or similar (it doesn't even have the permission, as long you only selected Bots read for the access token).
If you feed uncomfortable, please delete the access token - then no further access is possible.

I like to get feedback - please reach me at [email protected]. Thanks in advance!


All data and numbers are either from your 3commas-account or have been calculated by this tool. However, there are situations, where calculations are wrong - for example:

  • bot was paused - this tool always assumes, that the bot was running all the time since creation (since 3commas does not give information about how long the bot was maybe stopped). That leads to wrong numbers, like the monthly roi.
  • bot was changed - all calculations are based on the current state (base-order, safety-orders, ...) of the bot. If you changed it yesterday, numbers will be not accurate (a good strategy to overcome this is to create a new bot for every new setup - then you can also compare them better).

Please take that into account, when measuring your bots.

Sometimes the shown sums (sometimes even for a trade) differ around one or two cents. Thats due to rounding in 3commas and 3c-tools. Please notice, that this can also happen between 3commas and the exchange (like binance, ftx, ...).

When setting up the api to 3commas, two permissions are needed:

  • bots read
    That allows 3c-tools to fetch all bot-data (like names, parameters, ...) and deals.
  • accounts read
    That permission is needed to assign the bots and deals to your accounts (e.g. to differ between paper- and real-trading).

Both permissions are required to calculate the data in 3c-tools.

Keep in mind, that these are read-only permissions - 3c-tools cannot change anything in your account (like start/stop a bot, change it, ...). You can always delete the api-access on 3commas - no further access is possible then.

As of now, the return on invest (roi) can only be calculated, when the bot has USD/USDT as base-currency. Otherwise currencies are mixed (example: base-currency is BTC, but gains are always in USD) which lead to wrong numbers.

No, thats not possible - as of september 2021 3commas has no api to fetch deals of grid-bots. So there is no base to calculate anything related to grid-bots :(

The shown account-balance includes the active deals (unrealized gains/losses) - Binance names that wallet balance, FTX does not show it (at least we couldn't find it).

Example: Your account have a margin-balance of 5,000.00 USD and you have -500.00 USD in active/open deals (unrealized). Then the account-balance is 5,500.00 USD.

Paper bots and deals are not fetched initially - you need to fetch them manually. Navigate to the dashboard and click "refresh now" for paper-trading in the upper left or click here.

When adding a ftx-(sub-)account, 3commas creates it twice - one for spot, one for futures. We think, they are doing that to separate the market-pairs between spot- and futures-trading (they are also updated separately, so the balance isn't always the same). However, since there are two accounts, they are also listed twice. To overcome that problem a little bit, we added a function to ignore the balance of accounts. So you ignore the balance of account (find that in account-edit), which makes the total sum of balances right again.

No - we are not planning to implement an export-feature. 3commas already offers an export for all the deals which can be used.

That happens, if you remove an account in 3commas. When removing the account, 3commas also removes all related deals from that account. This changes the overall count of deals which the 3c-tools importer relies on.

To solve the problem, the api-connection needs to be reset. Go to your profile, click on the pencil next to your 3commas-api and click reset connection.

background: We want to avoid importing all your deals in every round - we just need the ones created since the last data-fetch. To accomplish that, 3c-tools saves the number for imported deals (offset) and starts there the next time. When the amount of deals on 3commas changes (because an account was removed), that number is wrong and the importer cannot find any new deals.

The ROI is based on the gains in a specified timerange (7 days, 30 days) and the maximum amount that the bot can use (max usage).

Calculation is: gains / max-usage * 100 - so for example a bot did 150$ in 30 days with a max usage of 1,000$: 150$ / 1000$ * 100 = 15%

Important for bots: When the bot was created within the timerange, the gains will be projected up, as if the bot was running for the whole timerange.
Example: The bot was created 10 days ago, it did 150$ in that time with a max usage of 1,000$ - then the 30 days ROI is calculated (150$ / 10 days running * 30 days) / 1000$ * 100 = 45%.


As you might can imagine, developing and operating 3c-tools takes much time and effort. If you find 3c-tools useful, I would be very glad, if you donate me some money:

  • BTC (BTC)
  • USDT (TRC20)
  • ETH (ERC20)
  • BNB (BEP20)

Thanks in advance!